Kids and poison do not mix

Animals and poison do not mix either. We cannot understand how and why local councils, the police and the government continue to be so complacent about how toxic agents are continuously misused in public places, where they pose a significant risk to children and animals. Statistically, rat poisoning cases in humans are demonstrated to be most risky to children, with those under 6 years old being the most at risk at 97% of rat poisoning cases in the US. We couldn't find any reliable statistics on how many animals get poisoned accidentally, because any available statistics largely only include reported cases and are unlikely to include every animal that was exposed to the poison and was effect

What your MEPs can do for animals if they had the will!

Holding MEP elections alongside the ones for local councils saves on money, but has the potential to confuse the important local issues with the important EU issues. European Pariament and its committees discuss and vote on a number of animal related policies, so we thought of putting a few important ones for your information and hope this helps make the choice less confusing. Just remember that the MEPs you choose do not only affect you and your country and therefore the animals here, but will be part of of larger body that steers EU policy, thus having a potentially negative or positive effect on animal across the EU, but even the world as we have seen with GDPR that EU can implement polic

Behind closed doors

Could you eat beef in front of a cow? I think most people would for the very simple reason that it looks nothing like a cow once it reaches your plate. You probably won't even realise you are eating the same type of animal right in front of you. When is the last time you pictured a little chick when you were eating an egg? And on the supermarket shelves they know just how to present it, nicely decorated with garnish which immediately makes it look like food rather than an animal, in a way that makes your mouth drool and beg for a grill. That's what used to happen to me before I was asked to prepare some material for our #DontEatCruelty campaign. Then I found out what goes on behind closed do

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