The Case for Eating Less Meat and Animal Products

Reducetarianism is a long word. Way too long for such a simple concept. I am not the one that came up with it. Were it up to me, it would be Lessmeatism which is why I used it in the title here and will continue using it so you can follow. I prefer words that everyone can read and understand which can therefore find their way in the public's vocabulary a lot easier. Using a word like reducetarianism to describe the practice of eating less meat makes it unnecessarily difficult to discuss a topic that really is simple. Adding complexity only achieves the result of making the topic inaccessible to those that are daunted by the very word. Lessmeatism as a means to get to veganism I made it very


This Sunday we welcome back Dave Wise to Malta's athletic events, this time for the Gozo Marathon held on the 28th of April. Dave is running the Gozo Marathon to help collect funds for the MSPCA for the second year running. If you missed it the first time here's that blog. I never in a million years would have beleived you if you told me, that I would be going vegan, right up till last week. You see, just like smoking despite the many known health risks, the ethical and moral pitfalls of eating meat, dairy, and other animal products is not manifest to you while you are shopping or eating. It is so far removed from visibility that the mouth-watering aroma can easily hijack your free will. Whi

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