Still No Action to Protect Horses

The MSPCA wants to see action before more horses suffer and die from exhaustion and folklore husbandry. Every utility role historically occupied by horses has been filled by technology, making its role in transportation a dubious tradition. Therefore it is time to accept that it is no longer justifiable to perpetuate the practice of inflicting slavery on these animals for transportation and perhaps it is time that we stop flagging tradition as excuse. The only role left for the horse to occupy is that of companion animal and leisure. In every other aspect of our society we have accepted that new knowledge informs our practices today, which have overwhelmingly shot most traditions down one by

The problem with tradition

Throughout human history you will find many traditions in which animals play an essential role. We tend to forget humans didn't always have tractors and cars to pull their loads and transport them further then our two inefficient legs can take us. maybe we need a bit of a reminder of where our traditions come from so we can better understand why and agree that most, if not all these traditions, should be regarded with doubt. First of all let me tell you a bit about where I am coming from to this blog so you follow the train of thought that led me to this blog. There is a tradition of Bullfighting in Spain. It is still carried out in the name of tradition, even though no one seems to remember

MSPCA wants greater transparency and discussion on Pigeon management plan.

Refutes the notion that culling is a solution. Last week the media carried a report in which the public was told that there is a plan approved by cabinet to capture pigeons in order to feed them something that would result in a “natural” death. The MSPCA cannot support the plan based on animal welfare issues because no information has been released about the agent planned to be used to poison the animals, nor has any information been made public about the cages and equipment used to transfer pigeons around after they are captured. Knowing all too well how many poisons, natural and artificial, produce a long drawn out and painful death, without knowing the actual ingredient, no one should sup

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