Pet movement across borders

With the Pet passport scheme it has become much easier to travel with your pet as well as import and export pets since the process forgoes the quarantine measures previously in place. As great as this is for pet owners who can afford to travel with their pet, we feel the MSPCA has a responsibility to educate the public on the concerns that arise from this facility, so people can take better informed decisions based on the facts. What is required for legal pet travel? For your pet to travel as well as for animals to cross political borders they need to have a complete and up-to-date passport. This involves microchipping the animal, vaccination against the rabies virus at least 21 days before

Spoilt Pet Test

Top of the week to you all. The weather is positively encouraging today so get off that chair and do something about it before the storm takes it away. After you read this I know people sharing the sort of spoilt pet test on Facebook don't really mean any harm but I still take issue with what these posts imply. If you don't know what I am talking baout, these posts normally give you brownie points for letting your dog sleep with you in bed, or buying him Christmas gifts or birthday gifts, and letting him use the sofa and cancelling plans. Cute! Just cute! But does this really indicate an owner that spoils their pet with everything they need and then some? Well absolutely not! It as

The cost of success

First of all HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR! We have been so busy working hard to help more animals that weeks passed and we're suddenly at the tail end of January without having touched base with our following. My sincere apologies. At the end of the music video of Celine Dion's theme song from Deadpool he tells her that her performance is an 11 and she needs to bring it down to a 5, to which she replies "This thing only goes to 11, so beat it Spiderman." Damn right it only goes to 11. 2019 promises to be an exciting year and we are vibrating with the positivity it has already shown so far. For starters we are preparing to officially kick off a relaunch of our dog neutering campaign in Gozo, where

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