Cats in group housing...good or bad?

The reasons the MSPCA no longer houses cats in groups and why you shouldn't either. The MSPCA is one of very few charities in Malta that looks after both cats and dogs. We repeatedly hear that single accommodation for dogs is not the ideal because dogs, being a social animal, can benefit from having a kennel mate, but what applies to dogs cannot be automatically transferred to cats without some considerations. I won't cover cat ethology in much detail here because I have already done so in this blog. So we know for a fact that the domestication of cats did not turn them into an overly social species but that some, arguably the minority, have a more social disposition. While those easily iden

Changing the world, one sticky animal at a time

Here at the MSPCA we adopted a different philosophy some years ago. I say a different philosophy, but what I really mean is different from what we are used to seeing in Malta. In reality it is not different from international trends that have evolved from new and improved knowledge on animal welfare. We prioritise of every animal in our care and have taken measures in our procedures to improve their quality if life while in our care. Why? Quite simply, we do not have any guarantees that the animal we take in will be rehomed fast enough to ensure the stress they undergo due to kennelling is going to be short-lived. So improve their quality of life we have reduced the shelter population to a

Pets are for life, but you could get a collar for Christmas

It was Clarisa Baldwin who first coined the expression "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas." The popular phrase signifies that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment not to be considered on impulse. As we are well on the way to Christmas, we remind all people interested in adopting or buying an animals about all the responsibilities involved. If you want a pet you need to make sure you're also able to look after it with the resources you have and the time allowed by your daily routine. Christmas is a time of giving and receiving and the new year is the time to return those gifts, but retunring an animal? NOT COOL. So here is the sensible thing to do if you were thinking animal as the

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