What is hoarding?

From experience I can tell you it is definitely a divisive topic. What I might call hoarding another might call collecting, but while collecting is a hobby, hoarding tends to be a compulsion. For sure it is now recognized in the DSM as Hoarding Disorder. So a person might have trouble parting with some items because they have some minute sentimental value or they help trigger some pleasant memories, but then it can get out of control and they start collecting empty plastic bottles, used take away boxes, plastic shopping bags and other useless items that have no sentimental value. At the other end of hoarding you find the continuous acquisition of new items without considerations for their us

Get your dog neutered for Christmas

Pets have become part of the family for most people who have them. Since its social convention to give family a present for Christmas, it's understandable that some owners will want to do something special for their pets too. There's a few reasons why we think neutering your pet is the best gift you can possibly give them. The other options are superficial, or artificial at best. As nice as it is to get them a dog chew, or a nice new bed, or a box of goodies and treats, or a new collar and leash, you actually need to get those as a matter of fact. Whether it is Christmas or any other ordinary day , if your dog's stuff needs replacing you have to do it. If they still have life in them left th

Malta Budget 2019

As our NGO plans how we will distribute our budget for 2019 to maximize the effect of each Euro and make sure we are being fiscally responsible, I couldn’t help but take a look at Malta’s budget for 2019 and what this has to say about the government’s plans for the coming year on the animal welfare front. We are animal people and numbers make our brains hurt, yet we try to make sense of the published figures. It appears there has been some restructuring in how the budget is broken down, as the Office of the Commissioner for Animal Rights appears to have no declared expenditure in previous years but will in 2019 receive an estimated budget of 50,000. So, although this analysis of the 2019 bud

The unspoken reasons we need a cat neutering campaign pronto

I know what you must be thinking...Here we go again with the usual boring old neutering. Keep reading, this might get a bit different. You usually hear why neutering is good because it reduces the number of vulnerable stray cats and it's good for their health but we definitely have something new for you and the powers that be, if anyone cares to share this blog with the likes of Clint Camilleri, Chris Fearne, Konrad Mizzi and Jose’ Herrera, please do share with them. As my esteemed colleague Mark Thorogood at Gozo SPCA rightly points out cat lovers generally don't need convincing, but to those who have little interest in them, and also to those who control the country's finances need a littl

Must you vilify people who surrender their pets?

Social media can be a helpful tool for anyone seeking help with something because a post can get replies from a wide range of people who have tried and tested stuff before you even have to. It was no surprise when Facebook started trending that soon after people started using it to find new homes for their “unwanted” pets. While the majority of people will simply scroll past these posts because they are not relevant to them, or try to help or share, a very vocal minority can always be relied upon to vilify the person seeking a new home for their pet. Having volunteered and worked in rescue now for eight years I have seen my fair share of “unwanted” pets and people seeking to rehome them. Whi

When you put the cart before the horse

Having a plan is the key to getting where you want to be. You set your goal and your deadline, you write down what needs to happen until then and in which order and there you have it a well drawn out plan that dictates your strategy. You then find your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to capitalize or combat them accordingly. The alternative results in mayhem. Just like putting the cart before the horse, it just doesn't work. So when the government passed the ban on dog tethering, without first having enforced the compulsory micro-chipping law, mayhem was the only result possible. In two years, while the ban was shelved, is it possible that no one at Hon. Clint Camilleri's office reali

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