Predictably Disappointing

Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri called for his mates, hunters and trappers, to not disappoint him after he pulled of some magic trick to convince the EU to let Malta apply the derogation yet again this year. He made it very clear which birds were allowed to be trapped and which weren't. And if there is anything we know from history is that they never fail to disappoint and here is what should and does happen when you break the law. So the MSPCA is joining BirdLife Malta in calling for the Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri to close the season without delay.

Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot!

If you haven't heard already, it is finally illegal to tie a dog to a stationery object as a primary means of restraint. We have been waiting for it for two long years. I remember when a private member's bill had proposed it in November 2016 and then the government had come up with his own proposal too, there was a short discussion and then... cue the crickets. Maybe they were all so busy accusing one another and defending themselves they forgot they all still have a country to run, or maybe the objectors delayed it. We will never know. But now L.N. 318 of 2018 is finally here and in a blink after this law was passed, the first reports started emerging of dogs being allowed to roam and killi

Maybe we should have tried building a fuel station

This will be a short rant but a rant nonetheless. The MSPCA has for as long as I can remember been looking for a patch of land where we could build a new rehoming center where we would be able to distance the cats from their natural predators (dogs), provide open spaces for better exercise for the dogs, better layout to improve disease control and so many more great things that cannot be done in a hole in the wall, or bastions. Another thing you cannot do in a hole in the wall is keep many animals and still provide them with a life worth living. Year and more years pass, government promises thrown all over the place like they are cheap candy. Yet not a single square meter has materialized wh

It's World Animal Day

The Feast of St Francis on the 4th October is also when we celebrate World Animal Day. Truth be told it is animal day every day for those of us who love animals, work with them, keep them as pets and advocate for their life to be free from suffering. But, in line with the occasion it's worth revisiting the 5 animal welfare needs so you can assess how well the animals are doping in our life, in our environment, in our country and so on. Let's do this! 1. Animals need a suitable environment in which to live It doesn't get any more obvious than the difference between underwater and above water. Try swapping one for the other and the animal would die suffocated. Humans all over the world usually

A load off my mind about Karrozzini (pun intended)

WARNING! ONE GRAPHIC IMAGE HERE MAY UPSET YOU. The issue that is horse-drawn carriages has ebbed and flowed in its prominence in the news, social debate, animal welfare lobby and the likes. Our average reader is probably not aware that there are dedicated animal lovers who constantly lobby for improvedd conditions for these horses, For the record we refer to it as a type of slavery because it is labour that is coerced and inadequately rewarded, from the horse’s point of view. We are not against animals in decent and well compensated employment raised humanely. There is much to be said about the situation in general and even more to be said about the recent collapse and death of a horse due

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