The Sunshine After The Storm

Literally hours after many localities, Mgarr included, experienced a downpour, the first signs of life from the turtle nest in Gnejna Bay started emerging. The first hatchling emerged from the nest at 21:15 last night followed by another 97 siblings, and then another 2 late-comers some hours later. 98, plus 2, tiny defenceless baby turles all climbing out of a small hole in the sand to make their arduous journey to the shoreline must have been a sight to behold. The only expression that seems fitting is “a river of life”. As if the wait during incubation wasn’t enough of a challenge now these critters face more challenges from the moment they hatch. The journey from nest to see is the first

A Week We All Wish We Could Undo

7 days is plenty of time for many things to happen and last week was the perfect example. Of course it doesn’t help that it just happened to be the only time I booked a week off precisely to get away from the maddening and emotionally draining shenanigans we are constantly bombarded with as an animal charity. So here I am, back from a failed holiday and my first entry is going to be a blog about animal suffering so buckle up for a long bumpy ride. The start off I attended the protest against horse drawn carriages on Saturday 11th. That was planned way ahead but it only helps validate the cause when horses just so happen to collapse in the days prior. Knowing how many people avoid reading any

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