If Only We had Saved The Trees

Every Summer round this time we start to really worry about all the pets still left on roofs or yards or chained to a wall with little or no shelter from the heat, and with every year bringing higher temperatures than the one before it is a wonder these animals don't just evaporate altogehter. Last but not least, every Summer is also highlights the inadequate legal protection that cab horse have under Maltese law. Regulations on cab horses are mainfly logistic ones, meant to make sure the horses do not interfere with cars. There is a simple mention that cabbies should ensure the animals are well looked after in accordance to the Animal Welfare Act and we all know how well the Animal Welfare

Poison should have been banned years ago

I cannot for the life of me remember when I first started advocating for pest control poison to be regulated in the way it is sold and used, but I remember it being as far back as my days at Dogs Trust Malta so it has been at least some time since 2012. Besides our issue as an animal welfare NGO with the use of the poison itself to control vermin as it causes the targeted animal undue suffering, when there are more humane options, the way it is currently unregulated is allowing abusive use my anyone with some cash and a dubious agenda. Purchasing the poison is so easy that trying to identify the person who misuses it is tantamount to impossible. Even the way it is stored is sometimes a cause

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