No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

If we had €1,000 for every time we were told that the MSPCA houses fewer animals than your average hoarder, we probably wouldn’t need to fundraise as much to build our new center. The very suggestion that we should somehow be in a competition with hoarders for how many animals we house is incompatible with our most important priority; animal welfare. We like to think that besides the animals we house in our shelter we are also having a positive impact on the animals in the wider community. Of course, there are always the naysayers who will take any opportunity to spread their black veil of negativity. The most recent one being an expedient (not) busy body who claimed the cats in our 16,000 d


As the UK prepares for DEFRA to finalise its ban on electric shock collars, 11 vets have joined forces to oppose the ban saying that “it is humane” to use them and it keeps pets safe from worse injuries they could get by running away. Here in Malta we are also waiting for a ban on shock collars, choke chains and tethering. Wait is all we can do but I’ve decided to make the time pass faster by educating so here is my rant about shock collars, choke chains, and any form of punishment involving the introduction of a nasty stimulus to discourage an animal from repeating a behaviour. We always use rewards to train our animals, whether it’s food, a toy, cuddles or a game, we have seen first-hand

Every Second Counts

So now that our followers have had a couple of months to get acquainted with our new website (if you haven’t I suggest visiting here and here and here) you’ve probably seen it floating about: Every Second Counts. You’ve probably got most of the meaning of it but here’s how it came about. First of all, it was Gerald Strickland our COO, who came up with the phrase as our new motto. Our management and staff liked it. In our different departments, we look at the word 'second' as in the measure of time or 'second' as in used or unwanted. The phrase seems to fit like a glove so we rolled with it. Here are some ways we count every second: Every second hand item sold at our charity shops raises fund

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