Playing with Poison!

I remember it clearly like it was yesterday. The frenzied call came at 7am. A friend’s dog had slipped out for a few hours the day before and found his way back home but woke up that morning with the shakes, uncoordinated movements, profuse salivation and constant panting. Fresh out of a pet first aid course, my heart sank as I knew this was probably snail poisoning. Way too often we read on social media people reporting their pet being poisoned or sightings of poison laid in the most irresponsible and sometimes malicious ways. It would be all too easy for an innocent child to mistake some forms of these poisons for blue play-dough and land in big trouble. It is in our interest to protect an

Both sides

Like all animal shelters, the MSPCA is often the first port of call when something goes wrong in a household with animals. With a phone line and a front door open 5 days a week in a central location, we are used to being expected to work miracles at the drop of a hat. We often do, but guess what - we can’t always. Sometimes people who contact us for help are expecting a particular outcome which they have decided will be what we are going to do, but with the best will in the world the expectation doesn’t match the reality. I’d like to share three recent examples, and in fact all of these on the same day, yesterday, the 16th March 2018. They are all very typical of what we put up with regularl

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