MSPCA's Yearly Survey 2017

With the support from Dogs Trust Worldwide, the separately registered international charity linked to the Dogs Trust in the UK, previously in the form of Dogs Trust Malta, we have been collecting data on pet ownership and attitudes towards animals every year since 2009. It is hard to believe that it has been eight years since we embarked on this mission with a vision to reduce the number of stray dogs in Malta and Gozo and to increase awareness through neutering, education and rehoming. Throughout these years we have seen trends fluctuate sometimes and this year was no different. Some may be good changes, others may be not so good from the stabdpoint of rescue organisations such as our own

David Wise - Vegan Athlete Running for Animals

Dave Wise is participating in the Malta Marathon on Sunday, March 4th. Dave has a history of long distance and ultra distance top finishes and will be running to promote our cause, as well as collecting funds locally and through his own network, on behalf of the MSPCA. Dave is the International editor of the magazine Trek and Run - he will be using this platform to report on his Malta Marathon, as well as promote the MSPCA. "Like many of us I ran at school, but stopped during my late teens and didn’t take part in a race of any sort until 20 years later, as I neared 40. That was just over 10 years ago; since then I’ve had a lot of fun racing and have enjoyed a moderate amount of success, winn

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